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Hey! I´m new also, so I have "a little" at home, he´s almost 7months now, his name is Roope and hi is a mixbreed. Chihuahua, jackrussel and something much bigger breed^^

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My puppies

I just joined, and noticed that there are no pictures yet. This must be rectified!

Here is a picture of my dogs. )

Trigger is the Dachshund, and Fudge is the mutt of unknown origins. Trigger is almost 3 (we think...we got him last year and don't actually know his age) and Fudge is 4 and half (we've had her since she was a puppy). Cute, right? :)
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Welcome to the community made for people that love dogs. Talk about your pup(s) here, share pictures, ask questions, review products, etc!